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Works with most mobile devices or pc, fill it our from virtually anywhere!

You can complete the 4473 portion of your firearms transaction on-line and have this portion of your firearms paperwork ready when you arrive at our store in Pasco, Wa. Sorry, while may purchase firearms on-line from any of our local stores, on-line 4473 is only available for GRIGGS.

If you know you are going to purchase a firearm at Griggs when you come in, then speed up your visit by filling out your 4473 ahead of time. We don't conduct the actual background check until you arrive at the store and we have verified you with your ID. Our system will notify us that you have paperwork pending, so all you have to do is fill it out here and come on in and shop!

There is nothing else you have to do or print, simple let us know you completed you 4473 on-line.

You can visit the secure link below and create a user name and password.

Here are the links to use the on-line Aimie 4473 System

Already a Griggs ONLINE 4473 user? Click here to sign in


Helpful Tips:

If you are a new user, it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Then, you simply sign in each time you want to purchase a firearm from us and fill out your papwerwork in a matter of minutes.

New users will choose between two account types: Aimiebook Member or Aimiebook FFL. You want to choose Aimiebook Member.

After you log in, choose the Online e4473 ekiosk. While Aimiebook has several user features, you will be using E4473 KIOSK.

Your will have a list of local Aimiebook Dealers, choose GRIGG ENTERPRISES INC. Then it will prompt you through the on-line 4473 process.

4473 form & questions explained CLICK HERE

Be sure to bring your VALID WASHIGTON STATE ID! Your 4473 needs to have the full name filled out exactly as shows on your valid state identification.

When you arrive at GRIGGS, we will be able to bring up your 4473, saving you the time & hassle of waiting in line to complete the 4473 portion. Then all that has to be completed is the state paperwork if purchasing a handgun, which is a quick process, a it will transfer necessary information from your E4473 to the state form, creating minimal work for you!

Social Security Number? Required information when completing a 4473 on-line using Aimiebook. Only fields with an * are required. Social Security number, phone number and e-mail address are not required, however the entry of a social security number helps distinguish between you and another person with the same name. May times, this greatly reduces the length of time a background check may take.

If you forgot your password, simply enter your user name (e-mail adddress) and choose forgot password. They will e-mail you a link to reset your password. We do not store any password information.