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Sorry the filter feature isn't available on our site yet. So, we have all firearms sorted by description, so it will be in order starting with the description pistol followed by the smallest caliber on sale on up, then revolver, then rifle and so on.

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Yes, we even ship our SALE firearms to your state, providing the firearm is legal in your local.
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springfieldlogo XDG9845FDEHC 291362 PISTOL 45ACP 3.3" MOD 2 FDE 2 468.00 $498.00
firearmsspringfieldlogo XDS94045BE 282970 PISTOL 45ACP 4" BLK 2X5RD ESSENT 3 418.00 $468.00
springfieldlogo XDMT94545FDEHC 291571 PISTOL 45ACP 4.5" DE THREAD ESS 2 528.00 $558.00
3 found, showing page 1 of 1